Employer Identification Number in Florida

After you have incorporated your new company in Florida, it is essential that you take the next step. Applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) as a Florida business is necessary for taxation purposes. Below, you'll find helpful hints and methods on how to get your Florida business tax ID, or EIN in no time.

1: Get Started with Online Application Services

Online application assistance can simplify and streamline the process for many Florida business-related services, including: forming a limited liability company or a limited partnership, starting an S-Corp or a C-Corp or registering intellectual property and nonprofit organizations. In addition to the free forms and general instructions available from different business organizations, you will receive a comprehensive License Checklist & Forms Packet specific to your needs, fast answers to tough questions and prompt service from a friendly staff.

2: Via your state department

If you prefer to access additional material on Florida business services, visit a state-specific online resource for extra support regarding future business ventures.

About Employer Identification Numbers

An EIN is used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and other government agencies, as a way to identify your specific business. An EIN is a nine digit number that appears like this: 12-3456789. When you start your business, you will choose a representative who is often referred to as your Registered Agent. This person will be in charge of applying for an EIN and should apply for it as soon as possible. Your new business should have an EIN before filing a return, making a deposit or performing any tax-related action.

How to Get a Federal Tax Identification for a New Business in Florida

Does your new business need an employer tax identification number (EIN)? We've collected information for you, to help save you time when getting an EIN for your new business in Florida.

Every business is required to file for a Tax Identification Number with the IRS if it:
• Has employees
• Is operated as a corporation or other business type (LLC, LP, LLP, etc.)
• Is involved with any of the following kinds of organizations: trusts, estates, real estate mortgage investment, nonprofits, plan administrators or farmer's co-ops
• Has a Keogh plan
• Files any of the following tax returns: employment, excise, or alcohol, tobacco and firearms

Florida Sole Proprietors and EINs

If you own and operate a sole proprietorship, you should NOT use your own Social Security Number when filing tax returns for your business. If you do not have an EIN, simply write “applied for” along with the date of application in the space where allotted for EIN

How to Get a Federal Tax Identification for a New Business in Florida

By Phone

You may call the IRS and apply for an EIN by phone by calling: Toll Free (800) 829-4933. This service is available between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. This is the fastest way to obtain an EIN. International applicants may call: (267) 941-1099, this is not a toll-free number.

By Fax

You may apply for an EIN by completing Form SS-4 and faxing the IRS at: (859) 669-5760. If you do not provide a return fax number, your EIN application may take up to two weeks to process.

By Mail

You can apply for a federal tax identification number by mail. You must complete Form SS-4 and send it to:

Internal Revenue Service
ATTN: EIN Operation
Cincinnati, OH 45999

You can make it attention to: EIN International Operation if you are an international applicant.


You can apply for an EIN through the IRS website. This is the most popular method used for applying for an EIN is also as fast as applying by phone. In order to use the online service, the principal office, general partner, grantor or owner of the business must have a valid Social Security Number or individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Daily EIN Limitations

As of May 21, 2012, the IRS limited the number of EINs issued to one party per day. This was done to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all taxpayers.

To learn more, download the new Business License Checklist & Forms Packet to assist you with the Florida Employer Identification Number process, as well as offer you helpful information on popular EIN topics.

Lost Employer Identification Numbers

If you have lost or misplaced your EIN, you can locate the number in the following ways:

Confirmation Notice
When you applied for an EIN, you received a confirmation notice from the IRS. This document has your Tax ID Number.

Business Documents
Any paperwork associated with your businesses, including bank accounts, or other applications for state and local licenses have your EIN.

Call the IRS
If you cannot find any documentation with your EIN, call the Internal Revenue Service at (800) 829-4933. With a little bit of information, they will be able to tell you your EIN.

State-specific Business Tax Identification, Forms, Permits and Licenses

An EIN is required for filing federal taxes as a business. However, each state requires many of its own identification numbers, forms, and other permits or licenses. Find detailed information about other state-required documents for your business here.


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