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Intellectual Property
Are you looking into registering a Trademark or Service Mark, or maybe you want to patent a product or copyright your work? We've collected information to help you understand the processes involved in establishing your Intellectual Property.
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Limited Liability Company
Interested in forming a Florida LLC? Limited Liability Companies are fast becoming the most popular way to start a business. Many start a company as an LLC, and then transition to an S-Corp or C-Corp. Read more

Limited Partnership
Limited Partnerships (LP) are similar to general partnerships (GPs) with a few exceptions. Forming a Limited Partnership in Florida means only one partner in the partnership is required to be a general partner. Read more

S Corporations
Learn about starting an S Corp in Florida, which includes subtle, but special, changes in the way profits, losses, and other financial aspects are handled. Read more

C Corporations
Starting a business as a C Corp, or "Common" company, means it's a separate legal entity set up under Florida law which offers its shareholders many protections regarding their assets.
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When you start a company, you can convert it into a nonprofit if it was created to help fund a certain cause, whether it be educational, charitable, religious scientific or otherwise. Read more

Sole Proprietorships
Forming a sole proprietorship in Florida means your business is owned by one individual, and makes no legal distinction between owner and business. Read more

We've put together a Florida Business License Checklist & Forms Packet to assist you with the Florida business license process, as well as offer you helpful information on a myriad of business-related topics.
Click here to access the Florida Business License Checklist & Forms Packet.

1. Determine whether you want to open a business alone or with partners.
2. Research the benefits of each type of business.
3. Select a location for your business.
4. Calculate your projected finances.
5. Study the tax codes to see which exemptions you might qualify for.
6. Research similar businesses in the industry.
7. Create a business model.
8. the costs of opening your business, including permits and fees.
9. Meet with an attorney to discuss any legal procedures.
10. Fill out appropriate paperwork.


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