Florida Limited Liability Company

Interested in forming a Florida LLC? Limited Liability Companies are fast becoming the most popular way to start a business. LLCs have more flexibility than other types of companies, and are generally easier to form and operate than other business. We've collected information to help you understand all you need to start an LLC in Florida.

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Online application assistance can simplify and streamline the process for many Florida business-related services, including: forming a limited liability company or a limited partnership, starting an S-Corp or a C-Corp or registering intellectual property and nonprofit organizations. In addition to the free forms and general instructions available from different business organizations, you will receive a comprehensive License Checklist & Forms Packet specific to your needs, fast answers to tough questions and prompt service from a friendly staff.

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Florida Limited Liability Company Formation

What is an LLC?

An LLC is a Limited Liability Company in Florida which operates as a combination of a partnership and a corporation. An LLC takes the best qualities of both a partnership and corporation without any of the disadvantages. Learn more about starting a FL LLC by clicking here.

Advantages of forming a Florida Limited Liability Corporation

When you form an LLC, the owners gain full limited-liability protection, as in a corporation, but benefit from a pass-through tax system like a partnership. Forming a Florida LLC also offers heightened credibility with potential customers, employees, vendors, and partners. An LLC provides a more flexible management structure, allowing your Florida LLC to be operated by owners and/or managers, and not have to be regulated by a board of directors like a corporation.

How do I form an LLC?

Starting an LLC in Florida can happen in several different ways. First, there is the option of using a web-based service. This is not recommended, as forming a company makes you responsible for many things. Online services do not easily provide answers, should you have questions. You may also use an attorney, which is strongly recommended, however, you should prepare yourself by understanding more details about the process, including the types of forms and information you will need to supply. This License Checklist & Forms Packet provides a lot of the information you'll need. When combined with the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney, forming an LLC in Florida will be a very smooth process.

Starting an LLC in FL without a name or a different name

Yes. You can start an LLC and use a temporary name. You may also declare that you are 'Doing Business As,' or DBA. This can be used if you want to create an umbrella company which has a different name from the name you use to market your goods to the public.

Articles of Organization in Florida

When you start a FL business, one of the first steps you will take is to organize your company's structure by creating what is called the 'Articles of Organization.' These documents will help focus your business and assign roles to those involved. Just like any other company, in any other state, you will need a certificate of organization in Florida among many other forms.

Registered Agents

When you form a Florida LLC, your Articles of Organization will declare a registered agent, who becomes the contact person for all things regarding your new company. The agent is selected by the company's owners, and while they have certain powers, they are not in control of the company and cannot make major decisions about the company without approval from the other owners.

Dissolve FL LLC

Unfortunately, not every business can be a success. LLC dissolution in Florida requires that you create Articles of Dissolution. This document is filed with the Secretary of State, which officially will dissolve your limited liability company in Florida.

Florida LLC Merger

Filing a certificate of merger, officially begins your plan of merger in Florida. These documents, like articles of organization, will help streamline the process of your LLC merger in FL. An LLC is a very flexible type of company which allows it to easily merger or evolve into corporations or from other types of partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forming An LLC In Florida

  1. If I want to start an LLC, how do I determine if the name I want is available?

    When you form an LLC in Florida, you will need to apply for registration of the name. Before doing so, you should do a search to make sure that the name you're applying for is not already taken. Searching for the name may provide some answers, but you should use http://sunbiz.org/ to make sure your business name is available in Florida.

  2. What is a 'backer' or 'cover sheet?'

    These terms are interchangeably used to describe a page of information which is included with each document filed in regard to your new FL LLC. This sheet should include:

    • Name of the document being filed
    • Statute under which the certificate is submitted for filing
    • Name and address of person filing
  3. What is a corporate kit or seal, and where can I obtain one?

    Typically required of larger corporations, you will need to maintain a 'corporate minute book,' which records things like the formation paperwork, licenses, resolutions and meeting minutes. If your company should ever be audited or sold, this kit will be necessary. When you start an LLC in Florida, you should consider maintaining a kit. Most companies also choose to purchase a kit instead of making their own. Kits can be purchased from a variety of online sources.

  4. How is a Limited Liability Company in Florida taxed?

    When you start an LLC, you will obtain a taxpayer identification number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service. LLCs are also able to elect its tax status for income purposes. Most LLCs function with a "pass-through" system, which passes the profits down to each owner, where they pay taxes as they would normally.

  5. How many people are required to start an LLC in Florida?

    A Florida LLC only requires one member. However, this does not mean that you should attempt to start a business completely on your own. It is highly recommended that you have an attorney and an accountant, both who specialize in starting a new business, available to you. There are many subtleties to starting a company, and you do not want to make any mistakes. Arm yourself with knowledge about the process, then start that company you've always dreamed about.

To learn more, download the new Business License Checklist & Forms Packet to assist you with the Florida Limited Liability Company process, as well as offer you helpful information on popular Limited Liability Company topics.

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